Connect your modality to your clients’ deep body wisdom.  Learn the theory, methodology, and practical skills needed to access and decode the body’s language of sensation and use movement to facilitate lasting change in the work that you do.

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Embodied Movement Training will teach you to open up these pathways for your patients/clients:

• Open up body awareness for your patients/clients

• Learn what Kinesthetic Intelligence is and how to improve it

• Create aligned & purposeful body mechanics and movement patterns

Through a proven system: Release – Realign – Strengthen – Refine you will be able to integrate this method with your own professional skills.

We know mindfulness is key.

We know emotional intelligence opens the door to deeper healing.

Kinesthetic Intelligence is the next step for transformation to occur in deeper ways.

Your body holds information, you just need to know how to access it, understand it, and how to use it.

  • Learn how to help your patients/clients access the wisdom of their body through practical means
  • Teach your patients/clients what kinesthetic intelligence is and how to utilize it
  • Translate sensory information from the body to open up the pathways of perception and awareness
  • Understand the science behind some of the main influences to how movement affects your health including…

Alignment, Body Armor, Tension, Breath, 

Nervous System, Proprioception, Neuroplasticity


When your patients/clients can access the wisdom of their body, the work YOU are doing with them can be more effective, sinking in at a deeper level.

This happens at the level of physical movement – a category that is left out of so many healing modalities.  The truth is movement is a really big topic. It can be overwhelming to dip into. This course is designed to bridge the gap between movement and your healing art in simple, practical, and effective ways so you can integrate the effects of movement on overall wellness.

In addition to learning the crucial connections between the way movement can powerfully influence health and vitality, you will gain a professional understanding in the fundamentals of physical movement.

We will cover:

  • The basics of anatomy
  • Body mechanics 
  • Basic functions of movement 

You will leave the course ready to implement conscious body practices without having to go through years learning an entirely new profession.


The course begins when you login to the first lesson and flows according to the following schedule.

10 Weeks, 6 Modules: 

  • Week 1: Introduction to Embodied Movement
  • Week 2 & 3: Release
  • Week 4 & 5: Realign
  • Week 6 & 7: Strengthen
  • Week 8 & 9: Refine
  • Week 10: Completion

Each module includes:

  • Full video lesson
  • Guidebook & Workbook
  • Experiencial Labs
  • Assignment/Quiz

You can see the complete course syllabus here: [Embodied Movement Training® Syllabus]

I do have an option to include individual instruction and guidance with me – please send an inquiry to

*I am in process of CEU accreditation, you will qualify for a pre-approval process by completing the course, details coming soon

Embodied Movement® Training

A 10 week course with individual support

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Keri Cooper LCSW

This is a course that every therapist needs in their tool box. It helps connect the mind and body together in such a real way. It’s a powerful tool to give to clients and allows them in a real way to feel in control of themselves.

Mary Ellen Zung, Health Coach

As a Health Coach, I help people with lifestyle change to support better physical, emotional, and mental health, including changing their thoughts and stories they tell themselves. By learning about bodymind awareness, the Embodied Movement Training course gave me a new way of helping my clients who are stuck and challenged with making changes. I now have a whole host of tools to use with clients that can help them take charge of their own health and happiness and literally change their lives!

Nancy Loeffler

The thing I've discovered in my work with Jessie is that while the parts of myself that I didn't want to look filled me with terror, when I bring presence to those parts of myself and ask from my heart what is needed, there is always alchemy and the feelings of terror or whatever is coming up in that moment is transmuted, sometimes with movement, sometimes just by bringing awareness to parts of me I didn't want t see. Presence is the difference that makes the difference. I highly recommend scheduling your session with Jessie.

Amy Allen


The benefits I've received from taking Jessie's classes are both physical and mental. With Jessie's guidance through the poses and her insightful comments while holding poses, I learn more about the inner-workings of my body and I am also able to quiet my mind and hone in on the emotions affecting me both on and off the mat. I have become a more calm person and am able to tackle physical and emotional challenges with greater ease and peace, armed with the knowledge that my body and mind can and will guide me safely through to the other side.

Lacy Boggs


The best part for me about working with Jessie was her ability to help me see past the stories I’d been telling myself for 30 years or more. I went from believing the story that I wasn’t very good at physical things, that I couldn’t run, that I wasn’t an athlete, to doing a couch-to-5k training program and jumping around on rocks at the park with my kid like a (very inexperienced) parkour person. That was huge. For me, getting through those emotional blocks — some of which were so big and old I could no longer even see them — was the most valuable part of the experience.