Allow me to guide you in the dark

The pearls of wisdom lie below the surface

This self-paced course will take you safely and efficiently through the layers of body awareness, kinesthetic intelligence to where you can decode your sensory information and create aligned change.

In order to access the “pearls of wisdom” available through addressing the stored pain in our body’s systems, we need to develop a stable resiliency to hold focus of attention and sensation while turning toward where this precious information lies.

THAT is what this material is about.

When you experience tension, stress, anxiety, trauma…your body builds up protective barriers. Unless you intentionally move through these layers, they can become so dense they crystalize as “body armor”.

Most of us have one of two directions we go here:

1. Avoid, deny, numb out, disconnect, disembody.

2. Try like a wild animal to tear through the armor, make all your energy go haywire, become frazzled, confused and exhausted.

I would like to offer a solution here, a potent and efficient intentional dive into the body space where change can occur.

You just need the right guidance.

In “Dive Into The Darkness” you will build the kinesthetic (body based) resilience needed to stay steady and work with the sometimes heavy energies and emotions in these layers while taking exquisite care of your physical sensations and experience.  

  • Safety is key. Your nervous system won’t respond until / unless you create an experience of safety, so that will be the first step.

  • Then I will take you through my signature Embodied Movement Journey of Release, Realign, Strengthen, Refine as it specifically relates to safely deconstructing body armor and allowing the essence of the stored emotions/energy create a powerful and positive kinesthetic learning experience.

Each phase will include

  • Context for the terrain
  • Specific breath and body practices

You will also receive a 4 part audio series focused on RELEASE.

  • Release audio 1: Presence
  • Release audio 2: Identifying Holding Patterns
  • Release audio 3: Turning Toward Tension
  • Release audio 4: Moving Through Release

You will complete this journey not only having made a palpable transition, but having gained the skills to use moving forward.

Enjoy your dive…

Dive Into The Darkness

Start your journey to create kinesthetic resilience and transform body armor into body bliss