Got an issue? Move your tissue.'s why...

So many physical body practices miss this mark. They don't allow the space or the skills to actually be aware of, detect, and decode the body's language of sensation. The key components unpacked in these pre-recorded classes are the first steps in accomplishing this connection and re-wiring. When you incorporate these skills you have the ability to make any movement practice, Embodied Movement®.

In this video bundle you will find 2 classes:

"Safety in Movement & Kinesthetic Intelligence" and "Creating Conscious Body Practices"

Video 1: Safety in Movement & Kinesthetic Intelligence:

The 2 main tools to access the wisdom stored in your body are creating a nervous-system-level sense of safety and understanding/improving your Kinesthetic Intelligence.  This class teaches the basics on these 2 key embodied topics.

Video 2: Creating Conscious Body Practices:

When awareness becomes mindfulness and mindfulness becomes embodiment and you can decode your body's sensations with your kinesthetic can create conscious body practices. It's easier than you think!

Then you will be invited into a deeper inquiry  as to the best way to put this all into action!

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Embodied Movement Basics mini-series

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    Safety in Movement & Kinesthetic Intelligence

    • VIDEO: Safety in Movement & Kinesthetic Intelligence

  • 3

    Creating Conscious Body Practices

    • VIDEO: Creating Conscious Body Practices

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    Next Steps

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